NAP-11922783Environmentally friendly and Clean!

The idea behind Cleaning Innovation is to handle requirements for reduced use of water, chemicals, and materials – while still providing a clean result free from dirt, allergens and microorganisms.

We address companies who have a product or an idea.
But needs help in the development stage? Or help with the final tests in order to convince the customer?

We offer our services to food companies and organisations who want to improve their cleaning and disinfection.

Is the result not as clean as it should be? Which chemicals are best to use? How to best measure cleanness? Possible ways to reduce water use, working hours…?

Read more about our services:

  1. Cleaning Innovation – Smart for the environment and clean!
  2. Training session on cleaning
  3. Cleanability of process equipment
  4. Development & Evaluation of cleaning formulations
  5. Cleaning and disinfection – Comparison of techniques
  6. Numerical Cleanness Analysis
  7. Clean – and with a small footprint
  8. Avoid Process Downtime & Problems – Analyze Your Cleaning Processes
  9. Safety and Exposure – Cleaning in Production Units
  10. Swat team – investigation of cleaning problems
  11. Medical Devices – Cleaning & Sterilization Validation