Cleaning Innovation is a test bed for cleaning and disinfection

Finger supporting a new plant


Our vision is to create a leading test bed for development of environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection.

Cleaning Innovation

  • Offers independent evaluation of solutions for effective and environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection in many areas
  • Available for hygiene companies, food companies, medtech companies, health sector, as well as suppliers/developers of chemicals, equipment and materials
  • Develops and validate methods for cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of medtech products
  • Works in a wide range of the innovation chain, from development of concept to evaluation of industrial scale or clinical environment
  • Owned by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB, a leading innovation partner.

Lead by Birgitta Bergström, Lars Hamberg and Mikael Kjellin at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

Read more in our product sheet Cleaning Innovation


Experts from RISE, Lagafors, Atria och Tetra Pak involved in the development of the test bed Cleaning innovation.



The test bed Cleaning Innovation was developed with financial support from Vinnova 2014 – 2016.